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Brace yourself for the bling revolution with our Floral Radiance Mangalsutra Bracelet. It's the hottest trend in town!

Designed for the contemporary woman, this exquisite piece effortlessly fuses tradition with modern trends. Chic, sophisticated, and the epitome of beauty, let this bracelet be your signature touch of elegance because you're not just wearing jewelry; you're unleashing a whole vibe!


  • Can be customised in 14k/18k/22k Gold. 
  • Gift packaging and custom message gift cards available at additional costs

[Note:Prices given are an approximate. To be ascertained during order placement] 


Our products are meticulously handcrafted by design and jewelry experts in our workshop, with advanced technology.

Connect through WhatsApp to place your order effortlessly and enjoy a tailored, one-on-one shopping experience.

Bestseller Floral Radiance Mangalsutra Bracelet

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